SolarHome brings huge benefits to the communities which aren’t connected to the mains electricity grid. Its replace smoky, unsafe kerosene lamps with brighter light, allowing work, study and social activities after dark. It’s also power television, radios and cell phone chargers, enabling families to be in contact with the wider world.

LES has already provides power to more than 4,000 of homes in Cambodia. Here is the problem; nearly 2 million Cambodian households are currently locked out of the solar marketplace. Maybe it’s because they don’t see the benefits or other solar companies not willing to sales to them. Or simply because no cash. It’s a huge barrier to overcoming poverty.

Our mission is to unlock the benefits of solar solution for these 2 million households. With the help of Good Solar Initiative taking root in Cambodia, we are now in the position to do so. Its call “Good Solar”. What it’s mean is that a household can buy solar without having upfront cost, low interest rate of financing option with high quality promise.

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